Your First Step to Be Compliant with the SB 75 Workplace Transparency Act in Illinois

Effective January 1, 2020, the new SB 75 Workplace Transparency Act changed how discrimination issues and harassment complaints are handled in Illinois. This initial article explains components of this new bill and what you’ll need to do to be compliant. In the future, when they become available, we’ll provide specific links so your organization can complete training, print certificates and become compliant with the law.

Organizations that can remain compliant with the new employee protection laws can improve workplace morale and avoid costly lawsuits. The new law aims to:

  • Limit the use of workplace policies and other agreements, which prevent workers from reporting sexual harassment, discrimination and retaliation for said reporting;
  • Ensure independent contract workers cannot be discriminated against or harassed – per the IL Human Rights Act (IHRA) and;
  • Clarify that employers cannot discriminate against workers based on gender, sexual identity, or ethnicity – whether they think they are part of one of these protected classes or not.

The new law also expands to include independent contractors who were not previously protected under the Illinois Human Relations Act. According to new regulations, companies must create a safe and inclusive work environment for everyone who is working for them, whether they are on the payroll or not. This is important for contractors who work for companies for extended periods and regularly engage with their employees.

Sexual Harassment Training Requirements

The SB 75 Workplace Transparency Act makes changes to the IHRA and makes sexual harassment training requirements in workplaces mandatory. To remain compliant, these should include the following:

  • A thorough explanation of sexual harassment;
  • An explanation of examples of acts that can constitute sexual harassment;
  • A summarization of responsibilities of employers for the prevention of workplace sexual harassment. This includes corrective measures that they should take to stop it and;
  • A summary of federal and state laws about sexual harassment and solutions for victims.

Employers who fail to provide relevant training will be charged with penalties. This includes:

  • A $500 fine for employers who have less than four (4) employees;
  • A $1,000 fine for employers who have more than four (4) employees.

Employers who are charged with multiple violations may have to pay as much as $5,000 per violation. Be prepared to train your employees in your organization to ensure this does not happen. Once Illinois releases its requirements, SIA Insurance Group will provide specific links so your organization can complete training, print certificates and become compliant with the law.

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