Winter Weather: 8 Tips to Prep Your Employees

Winter storms are inconvenient for most people, but these storms can prove catastrophic for businesses – especially small ones. With sub-zero temperatures wreaking havoc on employees’ physical and mental state, operations can significantly slow down. However, the worst thing you can do is force work in unsuitable conditions. Here are some things you can do to increase morale and maintain productivity:

  • Install hand sanitizer dispensers across the workplace and urge employees to use them – especially during flu season. Also, urge employees to get their flu shots on time.
  • Urge workers who spend most of their time outside to wear extra layers or loose clothing, gloves, ear warmers and waterproof boots. Have extra pairs of blankets on hand and encourage them to bring a change of clothes.
  • Limit their work outside or establish stations where they can warm up before returning to work. Try to reschedule outdoor work for a warmer time of day.
  • Educate workers about hypothermia and cold stress. Make a buddy system so employees can monitor each other.
  • Provide warm and sweet drinks on tap such as hot chocolate, coffee, tea, etc.
  • Allow employees to work online from home and create an online video chat, which includes every team member. This way, your workers will remain safe from the chill and work to their full potential.
  • Train vehicle operators how they should drive on wet, slippery roads and in limited visibility.
  • Encourage workers to take frequent short breaks to warm up and rest. They will need more energy than usual to prevent muscle fatigue.

Whether you own a small business or expansive operations, if you fail to take care of your employees, you will lose business. By examining and managing common risks during harsh weather conditions such winter, you can guarantee their health and improve morale – all at the same time.

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