Ways to Keep Workers Cool in the Summer Heat

The summer months can be brutal for employees who work outside, under the scorching sun, such as construction workers. Ensuring they remain cool and comfortable during those difficult months is essential for their health, happiness, and comfort. If you would like to insure your employee’s safety getting construction insurance in Illinois will prove to be worth your while.

Here are some of the best ways you can ensure all three during summer:

1. Keep Them Hydrated

Make sure your workers have access to water bottles as and when needed. Hand the bottles to them throughout the day so they don’t overheat or suffer from heatstroke and other sun-related hazards. Spice it up a bit by offering flavoured drinks that can maintain their electrolyte levels throughout the hot day. A dip in electrolytes can prove quite dangerous.

2. Rent Portable Air Conditioning Units

Portable air conditioner rentals are perfect additions on construction sites not only for your construction workers but also for their supervisors. Pick up a couple so both can quickly cool off before heading out to work again in the heat.

3. Provide a Shaded Lunch Area

Most construction workers like to have their lunch outside in the open air. During the summer, high temperatures can cause heatstroke even if they complete their lunch break in a few minutes. Make sure there are shaded areas outside where they can eat in comfort without heating up. They will return from their break refreshed, not to mention happier.

4. Install Sunscreens or Blinds

If your supervisors have offices on-site, make sure these are shaded from the hot sun with blinds or sunscreens. Both options can prevent sunlight from entering and heating up the space.

5. Reduce Strenuous Activity

Make sure you also take care of in-house employees besides on-site workers. While the latter’s work is strenuous, the former may not be used to it. If you need to ask them to move some equipment or take care of an exhausting task, delay it to a time when the temperature drops a bit. If it cannot be put off, get as many staff members as possible to help so the task can be completed quickly and reduce the chances of heat stress.

6. Relocate Staff to Cooler Office Areas

If some parts of the office catch more sunlight than others, try not to have workstations there when you are planning your office layout. Employees should sit in shaded or cool parts of the office. The sunnier areas should be maintained as communal spaces or as a reception area.

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