Using Technology for Better Ergonomic Outcomes

Ergonomics is a science that has a place in the workplace to make it safer, more comfortable and more productive. The concept focuses on the design and placement of objects in a way that people can interact with them safely and without injuring themselves. Since 95 percent of an office worker’s day is spent behind a desk, ergonomically-designed solutions have become a vital necessity for workplaces.

From adjustable desk chairs to keyboards that prevent carpal tunnel, ergonomics can significantly improve overall safety in an office environment and reduce downtime. With aid from technology, the science can be perfected to create solutions that can improve work efficiency and make employees happier at the same time. Keeping Illinois’s strict Worker Compensation law in mind, introducing these solutions to your workplace should be a priority.

Here are some technological ergonomic solutions workplaces across the globe are benefiting from:

Wearable Sensors That Adjust Ergonomics

Sensors that inform employees when their posture is incorrect while they are working can prove invaluable in reducing injuries and sprains. Some are designed to determine force application and some can actually warn employees of exposure to risk factors, such as harmful noise levels, toxins and high temperatures.

Also, wearable sensors can determine activities that can increase the risk of upper or lower back pain and alert the wearer well before the discomfort sets in and becomes a permanent problem. Plus, some technologies can use smart technology to measure the time and effort of each activity and the data can be used by managers to manage their workflow.

A Desk That Adjusts With the Employee

The longer we sit behind our desks, the more damage our body sustains. Even standing for a few hours each day can significantly reduce our risk of developing heart disease and chronic back pain. Asking employees to walk around a bit after every half hour is a temporary solution. Desks that are made specifically to prevent health issues offer lasting results.

This is where standing desks come in. These are designed specifically with the user in mind and come with multiple settings for different sitting and standing positions. Since the desk adjusts with the user, your employees can remain at their desks without sustaining any harm. While regular exercise is just as important, these desks can go a long way in curbing potential back problems.

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