Top 10 Wildfire Preparation Tips

A wildfire can be devastating for everyone involved, but you can mitigate most damages by following a few wildfire preparation tips.

Top 10 Wildfire Preparation Tips

Here are some of the best ways you can reduce the damage that may otherwise result from a wildfire:

1. Make Sure the Roof Is Class A-Rated

Class A roofs are designed to be fire-resistant. If your rood is unrated or rated lower than this, consider having it replaced with A-rated material. A licensed roofing contractor can determine the type of roof you have.

2. Clear the Roof of All Debris

Dry debris and dead leaves can catch fire easily. If a wildfire is approaching your property, make sure your roof is clean regularly. Clear dirt and debris off the roof before the season changes and after a storm. It would be best if you also considered getting non-combustible covers for your gutters.

3. Learn About the Risks

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure when it comes to wildfires. Learn about your location’s propensity for wildfires, especially if you live near a forest or in a dry climate. Get in touch with the local fire department for the information and take the precautions mentioned in this list.

4. Stock Up on Medication

Stock up on medication you may need during a wildfire before it is too late. This includes inhalers, masks, burn medication, etc. Always make sure you have these on you during wildfire season.

5. Keep the Indoor Air Clean

If you must shelter in place as the wildfire rages outside, keep indoor air clean by closing all the windows and running your HVAC system to recirculate it. Just make sure it doesn’t overheat.

6. Create an Evacuation Plan

Your evacuation plan should include where your family should go, what they should take, and how they can let others know they are fine. Also, take your pets, prescriptions, important documents, and credit cards into account.

7. Add or Upgrade Screen Vents

Burning embers from the wildfire can enter your property through vents and ignite it. Prevent this from happening by installing or replacing regular vents with a thick metal screen to block these.

8. Replace Combustible Fences and Gates

If the fences or gates in front of your property are flammable, replace them with non-combustible options. This includes metallic options with vertical rails or chain links that can allow the embers to pass through.

9. Create Fuel Breaks and Remove Combustible Vegetation

Fuel breaks such as a gravel pathway or driveway can stop the fire from spreading. Plus, cut tree branches that are eight feet close to the ground can also remove combustible vegetation.

10. Install Tempered Insulating Glass

Replace all your single-pane windows with tempered insulating glass windows. These are stronger than the former and will not shatter when the flames enter your property. You can also install metal shutters across your windows.

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