Tips To Prevent Burns in Commercial Kitchens

Whether you own a restaurant or manage a cafeteria in an office, preventing burns can protect you and your business from liabilities. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), most of those burns affect teenagers working in fast food establishments. With temperatures exceeding 150°F, third-degree burns are common. 

Some of the common causes of kitchen burns include:

  • Scorching pans, plates, and cooking surfaces.
  • Hot oil, grease, and steam.
  • Poorly trained staff.
  • Faulty wiring.
  • Lack of maintenance.
  • Cramped kitchens.

How to Prevent Burns in Commercial Kitchens 

As injured employees heal, you can be left shorthanded, leading to higher liability costs. Illinois commercial kitchen insurance can help you recover fast, but these burn prevention tips can protect your workers from debilitating burns:

Remind workers about kitchen safety 

Third-degree burns are not uncommon during peak hours such as lunchtime. As your staff works to get orders out on time, they can get complacent regarding their safety. They can easily forget how hot fryers, grills, pans, and stovetops are. Remind workers to be careful of hot surfaces as they work. Plus, plan routes through the kitchen so they don’t collide with one another as they move steaming pots or plates of food. 

Monitor safety records closely 

Safety records can reveal blind spots where staff frequently run into one another or have near-misses. These can help you figure out which equipment you need to move, replace or upgrade to prevent accidents. The records can also help you create training programs for new workers to ensure they don’t burn themselves seriously. 

Keep work areas uncluttered 

A cluttered worktop in a commercial kitchen is a recipe for disaster. An unattended pan can drip grease all over the floor, which can cause slips. Oily rags can spontaneously combust when temperatures rise in the kitchen, and even dry towels can catch fire from a flambéing pan. Ensure all workstations are clear of these items to prevent fire and burns. 

Don’t throw water on a grease fire!

A grease fire will go out of control and engulf your kitchen if you throw water on it. The water will make the burning grease splash out and right onto your staff. Don’t move the source of the fire either, or you will have the same results.

First, turn off the stove and cover the pot, broiler, or pan with a lid. This will block oxygen to the flames, which will eventually die down. Don’t open the door if the grease fire is in an oven. The lack of oxygen will ultimately douse it.

By preventing burns in your commercial kitchen using these tips, you can protect your business’s reputation and future.  

Contact SIA Insurance Group for Illinois Commercial Kitchen Insurance

A commercial kitchen is prone to accidents, and most of them result in severe burn injuries. Your restaurant may not be able to recover fast enough if most of your staff is injured. We understand your predicament here at SIA Insurance Group and can offer commercial kitchen insurance to protect you from liabilities. Get in touch with us today!

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