Tips to Prevent Burglaries

Every business is prone to facing unfortunate events during the course of their trade. While some of these events, such as earthquakes, tsunamis, or natural disasters are out of their control, there are many other foreseeable threats that businesses must mitigate in order to conduct their operations effectively and sustainably. One primary and extremely important aspect involves the security of the premises.

In 2015 alone, 448,617 cases of business burglary were registered in the United States as per 2015 FBI Unified Crime Report. Thus, it is imperative that businesses should take safety precautions to keep their business from getting burglarized. Here are some tips which can help your business prevent burglaries:

  • Change the combinations of entrances and safes on a routinely basis. Changing the combinations on a regular basis, especially every time an employee leaves the company is good practice to ensure that no one else gets access to the security code. If your business still uses keys, make sure to engrave “Do Not Duplicate” on all the keys to prevent any individual from making copies.
  • Keep the lights on. Burglars are always looking for an opportunity when there is no one present at the property to break in. They usually do not attempt to enter without ensuring that the premises are unoccupied. Keeping the lights on will reflect attention to security, thus discouraging them from targeting your business and force them to look for an easier opportunity.
  • Be smart with the landscaping. Landscaping enhances the aesthetics of your premises, which is important but what’s more important is the security of your assets. Therefore, try to keep landscaping as simple as possible; resist the urge to incorporate tall trees and plants near the building. Instead, opt for thorny bushes and shrubs near the entrances so the intruders find it difficult to enter.
  • Keep your assets protected. Do not leave cash registers or safes unlocked and keep all valuables protected and secure, even during business hours. Also, refrain from keeping a large amount of cash at your business premise to discourage potential burglars from choosing your business as their next target. Appointing a competent risk management company may help businesses put effective system controls in place.
  • Install a high-quality alarm system. Undoubtedly, the best solution to prevent burglaries is setting up a reliable alarm system. Most modern systems are equipped with the latest technologies and sensors and activate a siren by detecting any motion or noise. Almost every intruder checks the security provisions before attempting a burglary, thus having your building secured with an on-site alarm system will force them to seek an alternative target.

These are only a few of the many security measures that your business should take to prevent burglaries at its premises. Consulting a reputable risk management company to secure the building can be instrumental for your business and might be in its best interest.

Using their specialization and professional competence in risk mitigation, an experienced risk management company will help your business devise a comprehensive risk strategy, which will ensure greater security of the company assets.

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