Tips of Finding Transitional Work for Injured Employees

When injured employees who have temporary physical restrictions return to work, finding tasks they can do without aggravating their condition can be difficult. This is where transitional work can be useful for employers who wish to recoup losses and ensure their workers are well taken care of. This includes their physical as well as emotional state.

What is Transitional Work?

Transitional work allows employers to aid in the recovery of an injured employee with certain restrictions. The aim is to return him/her to their original job duties gradually. The work allows you to maintain the employability of the worker with certain limitations, while reducing their financial liability as they lose time from work.

In other words, transitional work allows employers to ensure injured workers can resume their duties sooner in a healing work environment.

What Employers Can Do

Your role as an employer does not end when you sign an employee’s compensation claim. You also must ensure they can return to work without interrupting the healing process.

If the job description of the injured employee cannot be altered, examine the tools and stock that he/she works with regularly to come up with a new job. Also examine existing skills and if it is possible to train them for new ones that can help them transition to regular work easily.

Here are some questions you should ask yourself:

  • Can the recovering employee drive, maintain tools and deliver materials?
  • Are there any work tasks the recovering employee can do that can benefit the company and recoup losses?
  • Can the recovering employee provide a service the company pays for?
  • Are there any tasks around the company the recovering employee can do without aggravating their condition?

The bottom line is that when you are trying to think of transitional work for injured employees, your aim should be to reduce the impact of the claim without alienating them. The days or weeks they spent recovering at home may have disconnected them from work as well. In such circumstances, returning to work can be a challenge. The faster you can determine transitional work for them, in-keeping with their physician’s advice, the better it will be for them and the organization.

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