Tips for Finding a Fire Sprinkler Contractor

A fire sprinkler can save your business from potential ruin. Go over these tips before hiring a fire sprinkler contractor:

  1. Find a dedicated fire sprinkler contractor – If a plumber offers to install a system for less than a professional installer, do not fall for it! They only know the basics and may do more harm than good. A professional will always be up to date on the latest products and techniques that can save you time and money.
  2. Only get bids from licensed contractors – Each state has different requirements for licensing sprinkler systems, and Illinois is no different. Make sure the sprinkler contractor you choose is licensed to do business in your state. Check with the State Fire Marshall for a list of licensed recommendations.
  3. Check for complaints – Your state may have a registry of contractors known for unethical or criminal conduct. You can also check out the Better Business Bureau and other groups.
  4. Check for registration – Determine if the fire sprinkler contractor you are interested in is registered and, if so, for how long. This includes certifications that their employees should have if they are as skilled as they claim to be. Prioritize contractors who have certifications from the National Fire Sprinkler Association. The organization is responsible for ensuring fire sprinklers are up to code.
  5. Sprinkler code knowledge – Besides proper licensing and registration, the contractor should also know the sprinkler code and the rules stated in the Fire Sprinkler Contractor Licensing Act. Ask the company about their credentials if they are not forthcoming with the information.
  6. Check pricing structure – Several fire protection companies will offer to conduct low-cost inspections. However, you will get what you pay for. Hire a contractor who can do a thorough inspection at the right price. That way, you can rest assured that your building and employees will remain safe.
  7. Determine response time – A fire will not wait before spreading across your whole office, taking expensive equipment with it. Make sure the fire sprinkler contractor you hire can get to you quickly when needed. These are professionals who provide coverage over an extensive area and can respond quickly. Give them a call beforehand and ask them about their response time so you can make a quick decision.
  8. Get references – Even if a contractor has been in business for decades, that doesn’t mean they can meet your needs. Get a list of references before making a decision. Online reviews can be misleading. Get physical ones for complete peace of mind.

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