The Dos and Don’ts of Ice Melt

The best way to prevent slip and fall accidents during this time is with ice melt. For less than $20, you can make walkways safe and prevent workplace injuries.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, slips and falls account for over 800,000 hospitalizations annually. These accidents are common when the temperature drops and ice builds, so you need to consider your workers’ winter safety.

Dos and Don’ts of Ice Melt in the Workplace

Before you get ice melt and start spreading it outside on your walkways, consider these dos and don’ts to make the most of this product:

DO Consider the Range Of Options Available

You will find a range of options in your local hardware store. Some ice melts are available as liquid formulas, while others are granular or in pellet form.

Still, some are formulated for specific surfaces and temperatures, and there are also some brands that are unsafe for pets and children. Read the labels carefully before finalizing an order.

DO Apply Ice Melt at an Appropriate Time

The best time to apply ice melt is before condensation freezes or after you clear walkways of snow. Make sure you use a commercial-quality sealant to prevent moisture from trickling into cracks and pores in concrete treated regularly with ice melt.

Do not dump the slushy mixture down a drain or the nearest lake. Ice melt is harmful to the environment. Plus, only add it to old concrete surfaces rather than new ones. Ice melt can damage uncured concrete easily.

DO Choose a Product with a Long Shelf Life

After spreading ice melt, do not place the open bag under direct sunlight or in a moist area. Keep the bag sealed against the elements. Any exposed product will absorb moisture, clump and harden, making it unusable.

An unopened bag can be used next season if your ice melt has a long shelf life. Just make sure you store it in a dark wrapper or sealed container, so it doesn’t get brittle.

DON’T Bring It Inside Your House

Ice melt can cause irreparable damage to indoor surfaces and make them slippery. Place mats inside and outside the premises so your workers don’t track the substance inside as they come in for work. Some brands perform efficiently and don’t stick to shoes.

DON’T Wait Till It Is Too Late

This is an excellent winter safety tip. Download a weather tracking app to know when hail or snowstorms will hit. Get ice melt before that happens so you can apply it on time. The product will prevent ice from bonding and creating a slippery surface so you can remove it easily later and prevent slip and fall accidents.

Don’t Go Overboard

Excessive ice melt will not treat the ice faster and will do more harm than good. Plus, your workers can track it inside damaging pathways, floors, and other indoor surfaces. If it gets into the water supply, ice melt can also contaminate groundwater for the entire area.

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