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Winter Driving Tips

Here in the Midwest, we know that driving in the wintertime is serious business. Icy roads and poor visibility increase the likelihood of accidents. Car batteries can weaken and get drained of power in cold tem...

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How to Prevent Falls On Construction Sites

Working in construction can be rewarding but risky. There are many ways that one can get injured while performing such a demanding job, but falling is the leading cause of construction worker fatalities. Out of...

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How to Prevent Back Injuries in the Workplace

Back injury prevention should be a priority in any workplace. You may not even know you have an injury till that dull ache in your back turns excruciating. While 95% recover in a few months, the remaining 5% ca...

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The Dos and Don’ts of Ice Melt

The best way to prevent slip and fall accidents during this time is with ice melt. For less than $20, you can make walkways safe and prevent workplace injuries. According to the Centers for Disease Control a...

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