Surprising Ways Your Business Could Go Up in Smoke

As per stats available on Insurance Information Institute, a 31,186 million dollar property loss was reported in the U.S. in 2017 alone. Knowledge of potential fire hazards are pivotal for businesses to greatly reduce, if not eliminate, the risk of fires at their workplaces. There are a few surprising ways a business could go up in smoke. Learning about these factors is essential in minimizing the likelihood of fire hazards.

Dust Accumulation

Unexpectedly, dust is one of the common causes that may lead to a fire hazard in workplaces, especially in an absence of proper ventilation. Buildup from plastic, wood, and different materials used on regular operations of the business can accumulate in equipment, which may lead to breakdown or, in the worst case scenario, lead to a fire hazard.

It is important to keep all machinery free from dust and ensure proper ventilation, perhaps by installing extraction fans or other suitable methods. It will help to turn equipment off during non-working hours in order to reduce overworking. A risk management company can design an effective maintenance plan to ensure timely cleanliness and proper ventilation.

Overloaded Sockets and Extension Leads

Most offices are loaded with computing and other electrical devices and equipment. In an absence of proper power management plan, sockets can be overloaded with plugs to power numerous devices. This may result in excessive electricity flow and potentially give rise to malfunctioning and overheating issues, which can further lead to a fire hazard. It is critical to make sure sockets are not overloaded with cords. The extension lead also specifies the total amp limit, which should not be exceeded. 

Loose Poor Damaged Plug Sockets

Damaged, or not properly connected plug sockets also present a fire risk. Due to the excess strain on the wire, the connected device can overheat and result in a fire. Workplaces must ensure all electrical devices and equipment are properly plugged in the sockets and receive timely maintenance to minimize this risk. A risk management company can help in devising a potent strategy to mitigate these types of risks, minimizing the chances of such incidents taking place at your workplace.

Glass Objects

As unusual as it might seem, even glass objects can give rise to a fire situation. If the glassware is exposed to a very luminous environment, the sunlight can get amplified after passing through the glass. This may lead to a magnification of excessive heat, concentrating on a particular area, which turns out to be flammable, causing a fire hazard. Keeping glassware out of the range of strong sunlight can help in avoiding this risk.

Paper Piles

Keeping a large quantity of flammable material in a single location such as large heaps of papers, whether documents, newspapers, magazines, or others, can present a fire danger. The risk is amplified if other fire risk factors are present near the area because they may act as a fuel for the fire and lead to a catastrophic result. It is extremely crucial such materials are kept separately, away from the main building if possible. Procuring services of a reputable risk management company can design safety measures to prevent such incidents from crystallizing.

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