Steps to Take When Reporting A Workplace Accident For Workers’ Comp Claim

Work injuries are more common than you think. Otherwise, there would be no need to get workers’ compensation insurance for employees. In fact, there are approximately 2.8 million illnesses and injuries in the workplace every year across the country.

Since most of them are covered by insurance, workers can get paid for treatment as long as they take the following steps:

Step 1 – Seek Medical Aid

Once you are injured, you should seek medical care straight away, whether it is from a small clinic or a hospital if urgent care is needed. In case the employer offers onsite medical treatment, those services should be used as well. In either case, make sure you save all medical documents that are created so you can prove your claim later.

Step 2 – Notify Your Employer

When you get injured in the workplace, get HR and your employer in the picture by notifying them as soon as possible. If you cannot do so immediately, you have 45 days post injury to do so or you risk having your claim denied. A notification protocol should be in place that allows you to do this without much effort. You are injured after all. You shouldn’t have to give up your right to lost wages, medical bills and other benefits.

Step 3 – Document Your Injuries

Plus, make sure you describe the injuries in detail. To do that officially, present records such as X-rays, a doctor’s note and his/her diagnosis of your injuries. This also includes receipts from pharmacies and stores where you purchase over the counter medication such as pain killers or other meds that treat those injuries.

What Workers’ Compensation Does Not Cover

Workers’ compensation does not cover everything. Here are some things that an employee cannot claim for:

  • Injuries that are self inflicted.
  • Psychiatric injuries such as stress.
  • Injuries sustained while commuting to and from work.
  • Injuries sustained from horseplay or while fooling around or fighting at work.
  • Injuries caused while the employee committed a crime in the workplace or while under the influence of drugs and alcohol in the workplace.

A lawyer will bleed you dry if you deny your employees workers’ compensation that they qualify for. Do you really think your company can recover afterwards? Make sure that doesn’t happen by getting the insurance or updating it if needed with help from SIA Insurance Group.

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