Sprain & Strain Prevention

In the manufacturing industry, strains and sprains are among the most common injuries. Many studies suggest that strains and sprains are the top accident categories with respect to the severity and frequency of the claims. These claims are not only costly for the businesses, they can potentially have a detrimental impact on the future performance of the employees.

In addition, the company has to provide unpaid leave to the employees, which results in decreased productivity as well as unnecessary costs for the company. Understanding all the risks pertaining to employees’ injuries and ensuring a safe work environment is necessary in order to prevent these incidents.

Therefore, it is imperative that the company takes proactive measures to prevent these incidents from occurring. Insurance providers which deliver comprehensive risk management solutions recommend that companies take preemptive action to diminish their liability.

What can businesses do to prevent sprain and strain injuries?

Firstly, the company must provide professional training to all its employees about human performance, especially ergonomics. They must also be educated about the MSD prevention principles and general health and fitness. The training method must be highly formal with proper follow up to ensure that employees understand the safety measures and the consequences of non-compliance.

Secondly, the warning signs must be positioned in every place, which can reduce the chances of the injury to take place. A systematic ergonomics improvement process and design standards can also facilitate the injury prevention initiative. The company must hire professionals for this job, possibly the insurance providers which deliver risk management solutions as their expertise can reduce the risks to an acceptably low level.

Finally, the engineering controls can also be introduced to reduce the awkward postures, which will train the employees to maintain a joint range of motion to complete their tasks. Undertaking the optimal joint position can significantly reduce the risk of picking up a strain or sprain injury. Harboring a culture of injury prevention is the best method to achieve the intended result.

It is important to note that the primary responsibility for the safety of the employees is on the company. However, the employees and workers must also take some responsibility for keeping their fitness in check and practice proper techniques in order to carry out their work without getting injured.

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Sprain Prevention


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