Speed: How it Increases the Risk of Car Crash Injuries

There is solid evidence behind the correlation between speed and car crash injuries. Traveling at high speeds not only increases the chances of collisions, but also aggravates the severity of any injuries that may result. According to a study conducted at the University of California, Berkeley, driving at 80 mph on a road where the rest of the traffic is moving at 70 mph increases the likelihood of a crash by 31 percent, a car crash injury by 49 percent, and a fatality by 71 percent.

Similarly, a World Health Organization study found that the chances of death when traveling at a speed of 80 km/h are 20 times higher than driving at 30 km/h.

Let’s dig deeper into how speed increases the risk of car crash injuries:

How Speed Increases the Risk of Car Crash Injuries

Straying into Other Lanes

As your vehicle accelerates, the centrifugal force makes it harder to safely drive through curves, which pull at your vehicle. As the speed of your car increases, it becomes increasingly difficult to maneuver through the curve wandering off your lane.

Low Reaction Time

Did you take the time to know what caused the recent Tiger Woods accident? According to New York Times, he was driving at about 85 mph in a 45 mph zone at the time of the crash.

Speeding greatly reduces your reaction time. You never know when a pedestrian or deer steps out in front of you or whether you have wet, icy roads ahead of you. On top of that, the human brain is limited by how quickly it notices and reacts to an external occurrence. Hence, the faster you drive, the lesser opportunity you’ll have to timely act to avoid a crash.

Protective Equipment Become Less Effective

Many drivers feel safe after fastening their seat belt and knowing that their vehicle has a responsive airbag that would blow out at the slightest of collisions. They feel more confident speeding and taking risks. What they don’t realize is that the effectiveness of these protective, built-in pieces of equipment is greatly reduced in high-force accidents that are associated with over speeding.

Puts Others at Risk

It is not just you or your family that remains under constant threat of speeding. Even if you manage to escape the dangers, drivers and passengers in other vehicles, cyclists, and pedestrians may not stay safe. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration declared 2018 as the deadliest year for cyclists and pedestrians since 1990. Based on the report, 6,283 pedestrians and 857 cyclists lost their lives in road crashes during the year. Your reckless driving practices can easily put others at significant risk. Imagine what it would be like to have killed an innocent child, adult, or animal while over speeding.


Now that you know how speed undermines road safety and the underlying cause of Tiger Woods’s accident, it is time to improve your driving practices.

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