SIA 360 Insurance System

The Proactive Approach to Insurance

Our SIA 360 Insurance System takes a proactive approach to insurance. It starts with a complete coverage assessment that takes a 360 degree look at your operation to fully identify the risks facing your business. It is essential to work towards maximizing your insurance coverage and minimizing your risk exposures upfront to improve your bottom line.  If you already have a good program in place, we will tell you promptly. Our system produces a cost-effective, and comprehensive insurance program, and allows business owners the ability to gain more knowledge over their property and casualty insurance.

Highlights of the SIA 360 Insurance System

Initial Coverage Assessment

With the SIA 360 Insurance System, we develop a complete understanding of the insurer’s business to identify risk exposures and devise a tailored solution to better mitigate the potential risks. We start by asking detailed questions about your operation, reviewing your current coverages, and touring your facility. This helps determine if you are properly insured, and if we can add value to your business.

Client Experience

The SIA 360 Insurance System is geared towards eliminating service issues. We have set a level of expectations for the services we provide, for all positions within our agency. We return phone calls and emails the same day to ensure that needs are met, and issues are resolved promptly. Whether it is certificates of insurance, bonds, evidence of property, auto IDs, or any other aspect of your insurance, you can expect our team to get back to you within a timely manner.

Contact Commercial Clients 4 Times Annually

Our team contacts our commercial clients four times at a pre-determined time during their policy term:

1. 90 days prior to continuation: We review your current insurance plan and discuss potentially new exposures and coverages to consider. By conducting this pre-continuation meeting, it encourages all parties to stay on top of the 360 Insurance System.
2. Present proposal prior to continuation: After reviewing the current status of your insurance program and business, we present different possible options at our continuation meeting.
3. Drop off policy after continuation: Within 4-6 weeks of the policy continuation, we schedule a meeting to review your policy, and compare it to our proposal.
4. Midterm check-in: We contact you at the 6-month point of your policy term. This allows us to get your feedback, and to ensure you are satisfied with your plan and our service. We also review risk exposures to help you avoid large audits and to stay aware of changes within your business

Long-Term Relationship with Clients

The SIA 360 Insurance System is a well-thought-out system that allows us to earn clients’ trust and enables them to build confidence in our expertise. Because of our individualized, client-centric approach, clients accept us as their risk management partner in their business. Our clientele includes people and businesses that highly regard quality service. This along with our proactive approach helps forge long-term, sustainable relationships.

Talk to Our Professionals Today

If you are seeking a proactive approach to insurance that is cost-effective for your business, please call us today at (630) 325-4000 to set up a time to complete your coverage assessment.


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