Importance of a Safety Committee

Safety committees can play a pivotal role in ensuring workplace safety as they provide an opportunity to upper management to discuss safety concerns with their workers and take preemptive initiatives to address them before they materialize and lead to adverse results. Therefore, the importance of having a safety committee in your company should never be understated. Let’s briefly discuss how a safety committee can help your business, but first, let’s learn more about what safety committee actually is.

What is a Safety Committee?

A safety committee is referred to a group of members from the management as well as the workforce from different departments within an organization. This committee can be a formal arrangement and scheduled on either a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis. In small and medium-sized companies, it can be more beneficial to have all staff members attend monthly or quarterly meetings. The safety committee will discuss the safety concerns and issues with the management, plus devise and implement a safety program to ensure a safe and protected workplace environment.

How Can A Safety Committee Improve Safety Culture?

A safety committee primarily focuses on specific work-related injuries that can be occur within an organization. While some organizations solely rely on the discretion of top management, it is extremely important to take input from employees who actually perform the work on a daily basis. The reason is that they can help in the identification of potential hazards and risks that management may have overlooked. In addition to that, having an experienced risk management company on board can be invaluable for a company to create an effective risk management plan.

Once the dangers and risks are identified, the committee members can work with the relevant departments to implement safety policies and corrective actions to ensure a safe workplace environment. The proactive approach will prevent several potential accidents that might have happened had there been no precautions or safety regulations in place. A safety committee will also help to create awareness and educate employees on following safe practices to minimize the risk of sustaining an injury. Hiring a competent risk management company will help an organization to ensure that all the foreseeable risks are identified and addressed in the safety plan.

Furthermore, a safety committee can save hundreds of dollars for companies pertinent to workers’ compensation premiums. In many states, companies are offered compensation premium discounts if they have a state-certified workplace safety committee. In addition to that, a company may be able to negotiate better pricing with their insurance provider if they have an effective safety policy and practice in place.

A reputable risk management company can be a great value addition to your safety committee. They will strategize to help your organization to determine whether your insurance is keeping up with your dynamics, rapidly evolving industry, which, in consequence, will keep your financial interests protected.

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