Roof Maintenance FAQ and Checklist

Each year, millions of homeowners replace their roofs because of storm damage or general wear and tear. But, how do you know that? Rather than doing it randomly, use our tips for a thorough and organized inspection.

Roof Maintenance Checklist

Here are some of the top items that should be on your roof maintenance checklist:

1.      The Interior

Before going onto a potentially unstable roof, examine the interior of the building for signs of water damage. This includes leaks, drips, mold, mildew, water stains and peeling paint. Leaks can travel sideways, which can cause damage to the roof and the surrounding structure. Do a yearly inspection of trusses and beams. Cracks, rot, or rust point to a weak roof. Follow these tips to find a hard-to-see roof leak.

2.      Cleanliness

Inspect it for accumulated debris and dirt once you climb on top of the roof. These can clog up drains and make the roof rot prematurely. Also, keep an eye out for fallen tree branches and damaged shingles. If you see fallen branches and leaves consistently, schedule tree maintenance along with roof maintenance.

3.      Weathering and damage

A weathered or damaged roof is a disaster waiting to happen. If you have a flat roof, look for spots that accumulate water. Check for cracks, tears, holes, and abrasions in the roof membrane. If the roof is gravel, check for damaged, corroded, or loose panels.

4.      Expansion joints and Flashings

Inspect flashings for tears, gaps and cuts and pay extra attention to the roof if flashings require you to get skylights installed. These should not pull away from the roof or leave gaps. If you see any, your roof may have some serious damage or a mold infestation that has gone out of control.

Roof Maintenance FAQ

Besides going through the aforementioned Woodridge homeowner’s insurance, here are some answers to frequently asked questions you should know:

How long does the average roof last?

That depends on several factors such as the roof material, building type, the climate, and the weather your home is in, along with the maintenance program. However, on average, metal roofs can last anywhere between 40 and 60 years, roofing membranes can last for two decades, or more and green roofs can last for 30 to 50 years, depending on maintenance.

What is spray-on roofing?

These roofs are made with a liquid spray that turns into foam that hardens into a solid mass. On average, this rood can last for 50 years.

Should I replace or repair my roof?

Consider replacing your roof if it is 25 percent damaged or flawed. If the roof is well insulated, consider regular maintenance. The latter is far less expensive than the former, provided it is maintained well.

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