Resources to Create Safe Operating Procedures During COVID-19

We have received hundreds of emails regarding how to create suitable and safe operating procedures during Coronavirus (COVID-19). In response, we are providing information we have developed using information from our HR Consultant, webinars and various insurance carriers resources. This information is only suggested practices for businesses. For more in depth documents and further information, please visit Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Each link below provides a suggested outline intended to help your business begin to re-open or continue operating in a smarter and safer manner.

• An outline of steps to be taken to re-open or improve safety procedures.
• Our businesses COVID-19 plan as of 6/1/20. This is an evolving process and document.
• A sign to be placed on the door entering your office.
• A sign to be placed in your kitchen.

We hope you find them helpful. Feel free to call our office at (630)325-4000 or visit our website with any questions – we’re here to help. We appreciate all of your business always, but now more than ever. Stay healthy!


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