Resources for Driver Training

Employees face the most danger when they are on the road, during work hours. A single collision can turn their life and your finances upside down. Prevent that from happening by offering these resources to your workforce – especially if they are on the road most of the time.

The National Safety Council (NSC)

The National Safety Council (NSC) is a non-profit safety agency. Its main mission is to eliminate leading causes of preventable deaths. The website offers a vast library of web-based courses, which are standardized across the nation.

For example, refresher driver training train newbie drivers in examining their road habits and attitudes so they can make informed decisions behind the wheel. You can also schedule onsite courses with an NSC instructor for your employees. The NSC can also create a driver safety program for your staff that can protect your operations, reduce repair bills and replacement expenses

Thinking Driver

The more unskilled your employees are at driving, the more money you lose. Thinking Driver offers a range of driver safety programs, which can enhance your staff’s defensive driving and collision avoidance skills.

The agency has been working with both large and small companies since 1999 and has made great progress in improving driver safety. They can help you in ensuring your employees remain safe on the road and reduce the number of accidents at the same time. You can opt for their individual driver training or fleet safety program according to your needs.

American Occupational Therapy Association

Even if your employee is disabled, there is no reason why he/she cannot have a thriving career. If part of their job takes them on the road, your aim should be to ensure they remain as safe on the road as the rest of the workforce. Since 1917, The American Occupational Therapy Association has been representing the interests and concerns of occupational therapy practitioners.

Their mission is to reduce the number of preventable occupational deaths and injuries whether employees are on or off the job. You can locate a driver specialist to evaluate your employees’ driving skills from their vast database and a trainer to teach them safe road practices as per their capabilities.

When it comes to accident prevention, your aim should be to maximize your insurance coverage. Regardless of the driver training program you choose, accidents can and will happen without warning. This is where SIA Insurance Group can help. We take a proactive approach to insurance and will work with you to create solutions that can protect your business from liabilities. Get in touch with us for a consultation in Woodridge, IL today.

Driver Training


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