Rental Scaffolding 101

If you need scaffolding for a construction project, renting one can help you save time, money, and resources. If handled well and safely, the supporting structure can offer safety and become a helpful tool.

What You Should Consider Before Getting Rental Scaffolding

Before you get rental scaffolding, keep these things in mind, and you can prevent unnecessary risks:

The Credibility of the Rental Company

A reputable rental company is worth its weight in gold, especially those that offer scaffolding. You can find several ones online, but a thorough background check should be on your to-do list.

Find out how long the company has been in business and if they have any lawsuits against them. If the company has operated for years with little to no mishaps, chances are they offer high-quality rental scaffolding and dependable installation services.

Besides this, also check for safety. Scaffolding installation can cause severe injuries if workers are not equipped with protective gear or if the material is weak. Hire rental companies that have valid permits and follow safety regulations. A look at accident records involving their scaffolding can also help you make an informed decision.

Consider Type of Construction Project

Consider the type of construction project you are working on before renting scaffolding. Contrary to popular belief, you need different ones for different jobs. Proper scaffolding ensures the safety of your workers and increases productivity at the same time.

For instance, consider a compact or foldable system if you need rental scaffolding for a small interior construction job. Specialized systems are also available for larger projects.

Make Sure Professionals Install the Scaffolding

Most scaffolding rental services also offer installation services, so choose one that offers both. They have professionals who have years of experience installing complex and straightforward systems around construction sites and can ensure it is stable and secure. They will also ensure scaffolding is placed on even ground or recommend leveling before installation to prevent accidents.

This is an essential consideration since scaffold installation is not a simple job. It comes with risks that can lead to fatal injuries if they are overlooked. So if you and your crew are inexperienced, ask the scaffold rental company to install the system for you.

Train Your Crew

Your job doesn’t end after you have rented a scaffold. Scaffolds may look like simple structures, but nothing is further from the truth. Once a system is installed, don’t allow your crew on it till they are trained. They should also be equipped with necessary safety gear such as harnesses and helmets. A single misstep can lead to a tragic fall.

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