Protecting Your Facility from Power Surges

Almost all businesses rely on electronic equipment and computers to execute everyday tasks. Because many of our digital resources come at enormous capital expenditure, damage to electrical circuits and a surge in voltage due to power surge, may lead to loss of data, fire hazards and irreparable damage to equipment. A power surge can happen due to faulty wiring, unrepaired electrical equipment, or a lightning strike. Apart from usual damage to equipment, power surges can affect water treatment plants, oil refrains and the critical infrastructure of technology companies resulting in more than $80 billion in damages and losses.

Experienced business risk management service providers highlight that a regular business may see various power surges and rise in voltage that usually go unnoticed, yet can be damaging to property and equipment. Therefore, care should be taken to ensure safe working conditions for employees and reduce repair and damage costs for increased efficiencies.

Using Surge Protection Devices

If a power surge is a result of issues and equipment by a local power company, the best defense is to invest in surge protection devices both at the workplace and at home. These devices are quick at detecting excess voltage and helping in grounding electricity to reduce the risk of damage and hazards. Unless proper grounding is done, there is no way to reduce power surge risks.

Create Surge Protection Zones

Surge protection devices, when placed in a strategic way, can help reduce power surges due to a variety of causes. Zone 1 can help protect from lightning strikes and power company fluctuations. They ground the electric current and are usually placed at an entrance of a facility.

Zone 2 SPDs can help protect a power surge from electricity distribution panels and circuits. They should be installed near distribution panels and sensitive electrical equipment.

Zone 3 SPDs are protecting power strips and provide protection to our household equipment, or basic workplace equipment such as printers, photocopiers, computers and communication equipment.

Contact Your Power Company

Stay in contact with your power company and ask them to provide you with a service contract that shows remedies for power surges. Repair and replacement of damages caused to consumer equipment or automobiles due to a power surge from power companies and electricity services providers are protected under the Illinois Compiled Statutes (ILCS) and Public Acts. All related expenses may be reimbursed where applicable.

If you want to learn more about protection from power surges for workers and customers or wish to find more information about workplace safety then contact SIA Insurance Group by calling at (630) 325-4000.

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