Prevent Accidents With a Walkthrough Safety Inspection

Performing walkthrough safety inspections is a critical part of maintaining safety in the workplace. A walkthrough allows you to identify hazards that could potentially lead to accidents. When you perform a thorough safety inspection you could be preventing injuries and saving lives.

How to perform a walkthrough safety inspection to prevent accidents

  • Create a safety checklist. Speak with managers and safety supervisors to identify all potential hazards. The checklist will help ensure that no hazard is overlooked.
  • Examine all areas. Be sure to inspect both working areas and non-working areas. Places like parking lots, storage closets, and break rooms should not be skipped.
  • Speak with workers. A thorough walkthrough will incorporate not just your own observations, but also the insight and observations of others who frequently work in the area. Ask questions to learn about how safe they feel on the job and to make sure they understand how to stay safe.
  • Prepare a report. Reporting potential safety hazards will facilitate the process of addressing them in a timely and comprehensive manner.
  • Plan regular inspections. To maintain a safe working environment that is free of accidents, safety walks should be scheduled periodically.

What to look out for during a walkthrough safety inspection


Check that the environment is clean and uncluttered. Floors should be free of obstacles.


All working areas and foot-traffic areas should be well-lit. Ensure that all lights are functioning.


Make sure that all stairs, ramps, walkways, mats, and flooring materials are free of bumps, frays, cracks, and other tripping hazards.

Emergency exits

Are emergency exits indicated with adequate signage? Are the signs visible from every working area?


Check that all shelved items are secured. Are they too high to reach? Do they present a falling hazard?

Electrical cords

Electrical cords can be easy to overlook, but it’s important to make sure that they are in good condition. Are they free of fraying? Are permanent extension cords being used?

Appliances and machinery

Make sure that all appliances and machinery are clean and in good working condition.

Every workplace has unique safety inspection needs.

When preparing your safety checklist, you should tailor it to your organization’s specific needs. No one list will apply to every workplace.

If your team works with noxious chemicals or machines that produce heat or gas, it will be important to ensure that work areas are adequately ventilated. If you work in an earthquake-prone area, you will want to take extra time to ensure that all racks, cabinets, and equipment are secured against movement, and that workers are sufficiently prepared to respond to such an emergency. If compressed gas cylinders are present at your workplace, checking that they are clearly marked and safely stored will be critical.

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