Pre-Work Stretching for Contractors

A pre-work stretch is critical for any organization who operates in an industry that demands labor-intrusive work. Not only does pre-work stretching have a multitude of physiological benefits which may help in the prevention of injuries, but it can also improve the productivity of the workforce. It is also a perceptible way for a company to establish that they care about the wellbeing of their employees.

Does My Company Need a Pre-work Stretching Program?

Pre-work stretching is especially important for construction companies where there is intensive manual labor work involved and employees and contractors are working around 8-12 hours a day, loading their spine with heavy material and performing cumbersome tasks as this repetitively uses and engages their muscles. If your company happens to fall in this category, you should consider implementing an effective pre-work stretching program by hiring an astute risk management company.

How to Implement A Pre-Work Stretching Program?

There are a few steps a company must take in order to implement an effective pre-work stretching program. Firstly, they have to select the right program for their facility. Again, rendering services of an experienced risk management company can be invaluable to devise an efficient program. Secondly, this initiative must be properly communicated to all the contractors and members of the team.

Thirdly, proper training must be provided to all the participants to ensure successful implementation. Finally, a company may select warm-up stretching leaders and train them to lead the sessions. Keep in mind that pre-work stretching program is not a one-time activity, thus the company must evaluate the progress on a routinely basis as it will allow them to assess its efficacy and to identify any issues that need troubleshooting.

Points to Consider

  • In 2016, 50.4% of total work-related musculoskeletal disorders that resulted in days away from work relates to back and shoulder injury. A pre-work stretching program can help in minimize the risk of these injuries.
  • Work-related musculoskeletal disorders account for more than 30% of non-fatal workplace injuries costing $20 billion per annum to employers in direct workers’ compensation cost.
  • A pre-work stretching program is not a substitute for a comprehensive ergonomic program, thus organizations should procure services from a competent risk management company with experience in curating safety programs for enterprises and small businesses.

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