Parking Lot Safety for Workers & Customers

Per OSHA guidelines, businesses have a responsibility to provide a safe workplace environment. This extends beyond their front door to also include the parking lot. A hazardous parking space can lead to accidents, which may result in loss of productivity, the cost to hire and train a replacement and other expenses such as workers’ compensation insurance claims. To offset possible parking lot dangers, here are some safety tips your business can follow to keep the workers and customers safe in parking lots.

  • Keep walking surfaces free of tripping hazards. It is important to keep walking paths and surfaces clear of any debris, holes, or material that may present a tripping hazard. Curbs and sidewalk surfaces should be even and any changes in level should be marked with safety paint to warn customers and workers so they may exercise extra caution while walking on that particular pathway.

  • Install and maintain handrails. It is critical to install handrails for the ramps, stairs, and at uneven surfaces to provide support and reduce the chance of slip and fall accidents. Handrails must be stable and installed at a suitable and usefull height. To minimize the chances of any unfortunate incident taking place, an experienced risk management company can make sure such measures are in place.

  • Maintain proper drainage. Slippery surface caused from standing water or ice can potentially lead to a slip and fall accident, which may consequently give rise to a lawsuit. Therefore, all pedestrian areas should have an effective drainage system to ensure parking lots and walkways are safe for pedestrians.

  • Install clear signage. Entrances, exits, parking spaces, and crosswalks should be clearly marked to help customers and workers navigate around the parking lot. Every sign and marking in the parking lot needs to be easily visible and their view cannot be obstructed by landscaping or otherwise. Using services of a competent risk management company can help to design clear signage and prevent potential accidents from taking place.

  • Maintain adequate lighting. A parking space with insufficient lightening can potentially lead to auto accidents or slip and fall cases. Accidents are less likely to take place in a proper, well-lit parking area because it offers improved visibility to the drivers and pedestrians. Adequate lighting should be installed, especially at night, to keep the area safe and visible. There must be a maintenance schedule planned to replace faulty lights on a timely basis.

  • Maintain premises security. A system to provide secure access to the parking area must be in place to ensure customers and workers do not suffer any unfortunate events. Security controls may include hiring a paid security service, installing CCTVs and restricting access to authorized personnel only. A risk management company can devise a comprehensive safety plan for your business to ensure parking lot safety.

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