Parking Lot and Sidewalk Audits

Though it may seem trivial to many organizations, conducting parking lot and sidewalk audits can prove to be invaluable, potentially saving them hundreds of dollars by preventing incidents that could have happened had the company did not pay attention. In this regard, acquiring services of an experienced risk management company can be helpful for an organization.

Audits help to identify different issues pertaining to parking lots and sidewalks, which can present slip and fall hazard, allowing the company to take a proactive approach and address the issues before an unfortunate event takes place. CDC has devised a guide for Slip, Trip, and Fall Prevention for Healthcare Workers which will help in maintaining a safe space around sidewalks and parking lots.

Here are some reasons why your company should conduct regular audits of parking lots and sidewalks:

  • Your jurisdiction may have laws and guidelines for the maintenance of the sidewalk. Therefore, a company should conduct thorough research to ensure that you are in compliance with all the regulatory authorities and the necessary guidelines provided by them in order to avoid potential fines and penalties.

  • As per OSHA guidelines, the parking lots are considered part of the company’s premises, thus if an individual sustains an injury, then it may be considered a work-related injury and might qualify for worker’s compensation benefits. Moreover, if the individual is not an employee, it may leave the company open to litigation.

  • Audits conducted to prevent slip and fall accidents should take weather conditions into consideration. Adverse or harsh weather conditions such as rain, snow, and fog can severely affect the ability of a reasonable person to park or walk safely. An audit will include surface monitoring, among other safety checks to make sure that such events can be avoided wherever possible.

  • Audits can also help in avoiding auto accidents in the parking lots. Taking simple measures such as placing warning signs around the parking lot can prevent many drivers from distracted driving. For instance, a sign for speed limits or not using cellphones can make the driver slow down and remind drivers to shift their focus back on the road respectively, which can prevent potential accidents from taking place.

These are only a few of the multiple benefits of conducting an audit through a reputable risk management company. Though you must keep in the mind that audits may help to drastically reduce the risks of slip and fall accidents, but cannot entirely eliminate the risk of an unfortunate event to occur.

Therefore, it is recommended that you should create a comprehensive risk strategy by acquiring the services of a risk management company to ensure that your company remains protected from litigations and claims as they are not only expensive and time consuming but can also bring disrepute to the company.

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Parking Lot Audit


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