New 10-Digit Dialing Causes Issues For Security and Emergency Alarm Systems

If you have an old business or have lived in an area with phone-based technology, you will need some training when the new 10-digital dialing system is established. From July 16th, 2022 onwards, it will become mandatory for all phone systems. A new 3-digit dialing code will be established to aid individuals who feel suicidal get access to mental health professionals, similar to a 911 call.

The move is a result of a decision made by the Federal Communications Commission in 2020 that established 988 as the 3-digit number for the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline. The short number was established to help people with disabilities, and troubled youths reach mental health counselors instantly.

However, the transition will result in a 10-digit dialing system that people must type in before making a call in some parts of the country. Since most security alarms are programmed around phone lines, this can be a problem initially.

The Downsides of a 10-Digit Dialing System

Some of the effects of the new dialing system you can experience if you are still on the old one include the following:

Security systems may stop working

Many old security systems are programmed with local numbers but not area codes. Before the new 10-digital dialing system is in place, security companies across the state must update their systems accordingly or risk liabilities and communication issues. For instance, they can miss out on fires or break-ins because of outdated alarms.

Besides this, certain security gates and doors are also programmed with phone numbers. If they are not updated with the 10-digit code, residents and business owners may be locked out of their homes and businesses.

Both incidences can be avoided if systems are updated before the new dialing code is introduced. Make sure you check your systems regularly to establish functionality and give your customers ease of mind. If you are a home or a business owner, contact your security company and ask them to update their systems to 10-digital dialing before it is too late. You may need to hire a technician to update your system otherwise.

Life support systems may malfunction

Other monitoring systems may also be compromised if they are not updated with the new 10-digit dialing system. These include life support and other medical monitoring systems programmed around local numbers. Get in touch with your local security and medical aid provider to ensure the machines are programmed properly.

Other services and equipment that are programmed around older, shorter phone numbers will also need to be updated, such as:

  • Speed dialers.
  • Fax machines.
  • Car phones.
  • PBX systems.
  • Advertising content.
  • HVAC systems.
  • Mobile contact lists.
  • Voicemail services.

Check your equipment and devices before the new dialing system is implemented. You will get an error if you are not switched to 10-digit dialing. Some of the systems and services that will remain the same include local calls, phone numbers, and prices of calls, rates, and services.

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