Maximize Your Roof Investment with Roof Inspections

Roof failure is one of the biggest reasons behind commercial property losses. Ignoring your roof’s condition can increase the risk of wind and hail damage, resulting in roof failure and collapse, and quicken the development of leaks that result in mold and other indoor air quality problems. 

Research indicates that the best way to prevent such expensive problems is to have a comprehensive roof management program that includes a regular roof inspection. 

Benefits of Regular Roof Inspections.

A professional roof inspection will allow you to identify problems early on and get them repaired before they impact the long-term health of your roof. Some common problems that can be caught in a roof inspection include: 

1. Abandoned Equipment

If you have a new roof installed, your facility manager should provide for the removal of the older or abandoned equipment. A roof inspection will check for loose objects from abandoned equipment that can become airborne and damage the roof. 

2. Flashing Problems

Flashing is a metal that is designed to prevent water from getting under the shingles and leaking inside a property. A roof inspection allows property owners to check for any flashing problems and replace them if needed.

3. Faulty Gutters

Another common problem discovered in roof inspection is that of faulty gutters that can trap water on the roof and result in leaks and roof damage. 

4. Storm Damage

A roof inspection can even check for the different kinds of storm damage. For example, a storm can blow off a portion of the roof. Another common type of storm damage is caused by hail. Most new roof coverings are marked as hail-resistant, but this doesn’t mean they’re hail-proof. It simply means that the roof covering has been tested to resist failure-causing damage from all but the largest size of hailstones. 

Maximize Your Roof Investment with Regular Roof Inspections

Your facility manager should ensure that regular roof inspections are carried out so that you get the highest return on your roof investment. Moreover, roof inspections are extremely essential after a major storm as they will help to assess the damage and assist with filing insurance claims when needed. 

Several property owners can carry out roof inspections on their own. However, if you have a huge area or a complex roof with multiple elevation changes, you should opt to hire a professional roofing contractor. 

Sia Insurance Group offers comprehensive risk management insurance. Get in touch with the firm at Woodridge, Illinois for a consultation today and ensure that your roof is properly insured against any potential damages.


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