Advances in engineering practices and technology have created many new opportunities in the manufacturing sector for companies, but at the expense of more complex risks. Product recall, liability, workers’ safety, and many other risks are on the rise and authorities are introducing new policies and regulations that present further challenges. With so much going on, it is essential to work towards maximizing your insurance coverage and minimizing your risk exposures upfront.

Our Professionals can help you Mitigate Risks

With our SIA 360 Insurance System, we take a proactive approach to insurance. It starts with a complete coverage assessment that takes a 360 degree look at your operation to fully identify the risks facing your manufacturing business. We understand that companies in the manufacturing sector face many complex risk management and mitigation challenges. Employers often struggle with workers’ compensation and safety, considering the continually increasing demand for higher productivity. In some cases, aging workforce is also a driving factor of this risk exposure. SIA Insurance Group can help manufacturers deal with a variety of issues in safety and offer the expertise to best mitigate your risk.

Risk exposures continue for manufacturing clients when their products are sent to market. Our team diligently assesses product liability exposures, and provides thorough underwriting services to ensure your product liability is identified and properly covered. We believe that no two manufacturers have the same set of requirements. That is why we work hard to design a custom, and cost-effective insurance program.

Manufacturing Industry Insurance Services and Products

Our knowledgeable team is able to leverage great carrier relationships to offer broad coverages and services to your manufacturing business, these coverages & risk management services include:

  • Complete Coverage Assessment
  • Claims Management
  • Loss Control
  • Property
  • Equipment Breakdown
  • Crime
  • Products-In-Transit
  • Business Interruption/ Business Income
  • General Liability
  • Product Recall
  • Auto
  • Workers’ Compensation
  • Umbrella/Excess Liability
  • Professional Liability
  • Employee Benefits Liability
  • Employment Practices Liability
  • Directors & Officers
Enabling you to Reduce Risk

After we have a clear picture of your risk exposures, we recommend effective ways for protecting your business in order to gain a competitive advantage. This can also help you in attracting and retaining skilled workforce, which can improve your bottom line. They may include:

  • Recognizing best practices for improving your operations, including advanced education, supervision, training, and accountability
  • Reducing manufacturing risks by introducing effective safety design ideas and checking the performance of your safety system
  • Communicating and implementing safety goals and processes for employees to easily embrace the change
Talk to our Professionals Today

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