Key Habits of a Safety Conscious Company

To be a safety-conscious company in 2021, simply telling your employees to stay safe is not enough to ensure workplace safety. It is much more complicated. It encompasses developing a comprehensive safety program, getting construction insurance, identifying and assigning responsibilities, using the appropriate risk management services, and creating checklists for the facility, equipment, and fleet tasks.

Other essential elements of safety include continuing testing and training efforts, keeping up with housekeeping, staying updated with accident data, and ensuring adequate safety budgets. Here is a detailed overview of how you can ensure your company is safety conscious.

Get Commitment from the Higher Management

What’s important to the higher management becomes important to employees. There are plenty of ways in which the management can show their regard for safety. For instance, they can have a well-defined safety budget, develop a comprehensive safety mission, and make an employee accountable for the organization’s safety.

Formalize and Implement Safety Policies

Having a well-written set of policies is a crucial step. These policies govern all organization actions, including recruiting, training, operating guidelines, enforcement, and disciplinary action. One key thing to do is to integrate safety guidelines into recruiting and onboarding meetings so new employees know how to stay safety conscious from the first day.

Ideally, you should use regulatory compliance as a place to start when creating your own set of policies as these practices are essential during a legal review or an OSHA visit.

Focus on Your Weaknesses

Having a solid understanding of your weaknesses can guide you as you take your next steps. Think beyond regulatory requirements and keep an eye out for the latest industry trends along with your company history. Moreover, accident investigations can allow you to get to the root cause of accidents, including near misses.

Use Tools for Medical Management

Leverage the power of medical management tools such as return to work programs, select or preferred providers, wellness activities, and drug-free policies. Doing so can help you with successful hiring, lowering accidents, proactively strengthening your workforce, and transitioning workers safely.

You can even use a job description as a strategic tool. For instance, if an employee must routinely lift 30-pound boxes from the floor, it should be mentioned in the job description.

Last Few Words

SIA Insurance Group provides holistic risk management insurance for businesses. Speak to our team at Woodridge, Illinois for a consultation today and make sure you are a safety conscious company.

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