Improving Cybersecurity for Your Business

Sixty percent of businesses that are victims of cyber-attacks go out of business within six (6) months. If you are ignoring your company’s cybersecurity, you are exposing it to potential ruin. From confidential contracts to employee information, everything is at stake in this case.

Take action today. Here are some ways you can improve cybersecurity for your business in Woodridge:

Update All of Your Computers

Make sure all the computers in your company are updated on a regular basis. This includes laptops, smart devices such as smartphones, tablets. Plus, all the software they contain should be updated as well along with any apps that were installed. The older a system is, the easier it is for hackers to break into it and steal information you cannot afford to lose. Do you really want your credit card details to fall into someone else’s hands?

Reduce Access

No one outside company employees should have access to your business accounts and computers. In fact, do not hesitate to limit access for some of them as well. Open access only to those few individuals who you trust and who need it to do their jobs to the best of their abilities.

Screen All of Your Employees

You aren’t the only one. Even companies that have highly sensitive data fail to screen employees. A worker who has a criminal history should not be allowed to access said information.

However, since they are not screened before they are hired, they can easily slip under the radar and steal that information. You will never know till it is too late. So rather than hoping you hire trustworthy employees, check their backgrounds thoroughly before hiring them.

Create Backups

A good backup policy is crucial for every business, whether it’s a startup or an established organization. If you are unable to recover lost data after a ransomware attack, your business can sink or recovery may take years you cannot afford to lose. Backups can prevent this tragedy, but make sure you test them to see if they can be recovered if needed.

Delete Unused Accounts

Unused accounts are ticking time bombs for your business. A hacker can easily get access to a network by using old credentials you did not get the time to or forgot to delete.

This can happen if you have a high employee retention rate, or you moved to a different system. Unless you have a good offboarding process in place, you can end up with several such accounts. So before implementing cybersecurity for your business in Woodridge, remove old accounts first before giving a system to a new employee or using it yourself.

Even the best cybersecurity solutions can get hacked. Protect yourself from liabilities by getting in touch with us at SIA Insurance Group. We take a proactive approach to insurance and will work with you to create a tailored insurance and risk management program that can work for you. We focus on the small and middle markets and each client interaction is handled with care.

Cybersecurity for Your Business in Woodridge


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