Impacts of Rising Rebuilding Costs

Even if you are a successful business owner, rebuilding after your office building suffers damages from a natural disaster can prove expensive. With construction costs rising due to a rise in material costs and a severe shortage of labor, existing and even new projects are feeling the impact.

Impact of Rising Rebuilding Costs

Besides natural disasters such as a storm, a fire can also level a single business in a day. This can prove catastrophic for new business owners who have no choice but to rebuild or close for good. Similarly, if a fire burns down multiple businesses, all those entrepreneurs will have to rebuild which can place a strain on local resources. This in turn can increase construction costs as demands for construction materials increase.

How does this happen? The fact is that the more buildings are impacted, the stronger the strain on rebuilding costs. Even if you have insurance, it may not be able to cover all of the costs. This may not be an issue if the disaster is a one-off thing. However, if your area suffers from a string of disasters or a massive one such as a strong earthquake, there is naturally going to be a surge in construction demand which will hike up prices as well.

That is because during this time, materials will become scarce and current labor will be insufficient to take care of each building that suffered damages. Plus, a labor shortage can also occur when the demand for labor exceeds the number of trained workers. Naturally, this can also lead to delays, a fact that you may not be able to bear as a business owner.

What You Can Do As a Business Owner

As you recover and rebuild post-disaster, there are a number of costs you need to take into consideration:

  • The building materials.
  • Removal and cleanup of debris.
  • Equipment for construction.
  • Labor

All of these considerations will be impacted by rising construction and labor costs, but you can overcome such financial hurdles with the appropriate insurance policy. Otherwise, you may not be able to rebuild and will have no choice but to close.

At SIA Insurance Group we take a proactive approach to insurance and will work with you to create a solution that can cover such damages and protect your business from liabilities. Get in touch with us for a consultation in Woodridge, IL today.

Rising Rebuilding Costs


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