How To Respond To Slip And Fall Accidents

Are you prepared to handle slip and fall accidents at your workplace? These are accidents that happen when an individual falls from slipping or tripping over something on someone else’s property. When this kind of fall results in an injury, the injured party may be eligible to receive compensation.

Slip and fall accidents happen in nearly every industry. They are the top cause of injuries that result in workers’ compensation claims. Slip and falls can happen when floors are slippery; when workspaces are cluttered with debris; when walking and standing surfaces are worn; and for many other reasons.

Below are some tips for responding to slip and fall accidents at your place of work:

Offer assistance in getting medical help.

It is important to seek medical attention for the person who fell, to quickly address any injuries they might have. Keep a first-aid kit handy so that wounds can be attended to immediately.

Treating a person with care after a fall will make them less likely to want to take legal action against you. At this point, it is not necessary to promise the individual compensation or to make any statements about the cause of the fall. Avoid saying anything about who is to blame for the incident.

Inspect the accident site.

Once you have made sure that the person who fell is getting adequate medical treatment, you should closely inspect the site of the fall.

  • Is the floor slippery? Was a “wet floor” sign in place during the accident?
  • Are there objects or other obstructions on the floor, creating a tripping hazard?
  • Are tiles, floorboards, carpeting, and stairs in good shape?
  • Is the area well-lit?
  • If the accident occurred outdoors, make note of current weather conditions. Is the ground icy or wet with rain?

Try to determine the cause of the incident. Identifying the cause of the fall could help you to correct it so that future accidents and injuries can be prevented.

Create an incident report.

When you have gathered information about the accident, you can create an incident report. Include the name and contact information of the person who fell, and where they received medical care. It should also include any relevant details about where the fall occurred, the cause of the fall, and the names of any witnesses. Many businesses try to include photographs of the accident site to support their report. Your report will come in handy when it comes time to address any insurance claims or legal actions resulting from the accident.

Consider seeking legal help.

It is a good idea to let your lawyer know when a slip and fall accident has occurred. Send your incident report to your lawyer so they have all the facts about what happened. They can also help you understand the legal implications of dealing with such an incident.

Make sure you have good premises liability insurance.

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