How To Protect Your Business From Cyberattacks

Cyber security is as important today as it has ever been, especially if you are running a company. Did you know that almost half of all cyberattacks target small businesses? Planning ahead to prevent cyber attacks can save your business from costly losses.

Here are some tips for protecting your business from cyber attacks:

1. Educate your workforce.

One of the most crucial parts of securing your business is ensuring that the people who are at the front line of your business understand how to avoid security hazards. Make sure your employees recognize their role in protecting the business. Many companies hold annual cybersecurity training sessions to keep the most up-to-date security practices fresh in employees’ minds.

Employees should have a solid grasp on basic cybersecurity practices, such as:

  • Practicing safe internet searching, and avoiding risky downloads
  • Recognizing, avoiding, and reporting phishing email scams
  • Creating strong passwords

2. Enforce cybersecurity policies.

Putting policies in place to support the safety of your business will help guide your employees towards making good cybersecurity decisions. Good cybersecurity policies will establish password requirements; outline rules for handling sensitive data and vulnerable hardware; set rules for keeping email and other communications secure; and address any cybersecurity issues that come up with clear guidelines and rules.

3. Back up your important business data.

Malware (malicious computer software) can disrupt, harm, or even delete computer systems. Backing up data helps ensure that your files are safe in the event of a malware attack. Back up your files to at least one other hard drive or cloud location, and make a practice of backing them up regularly. Use care in how and where you back up your data; it may be a good idea to consult a cybersecurity professional in doing so so that your backed-up files are also as safe as possible!

4. Limit access to sensitive data.

Even the most trustworthy and loyal employees can make mistakes, and human error is a leading cause of cyber threats. Passwords can be lost; emails can be sent to the wrong recipients; and lapses in judgment can happen. Limiting employee access to just the systems and data they need to successfully do their jobs will help reduce the threat of human error to your business.

5. Keep software updated.

Malware, computer viruses, and other security threats change frequently. Fortunately, software companies keep abreast of the latest threats by updating their products regularly. Be sure to keep your software updated, so that your data will not be targeted by criminals hacking into outdated software.

6. Protect your business with cyber insurance.

Taking thoughtful steps to protect your data from cyberattacks will help keep your business safe. For maximum security, it is a very good idea to invest in cyber insurance. In the event of loss resulting from a cyber attack, the right insurance policy can minimize the cost to your business.

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