How to Prevent Road Rage

As an employer, it is critical to ensure that your company has a road rage policy included in the safe driving policy to prevent the occurrences of such events. Here are some effective tips that an employer can follow to prevent road rage incidents.

No mobile usage policy – Cellphones can cause distraction while driving a vehicle, which may potentially lead to road rage accidents. This is not only limited to communicating via text messages, but also applies to taking a call, even if the driver is using earphones. Therefore, the drivers must be prohibited from using a cellphone while driving. A dashcam can be installed to monitor their activity and ensure that they are not being distracted while driving. An experienced risk management company can help you devise effective policies regarding usage of a cellphone which may result in road rage.

Plan routes effectively – Stats show that 66% of road accident fatalities are caused by aggressive driving. Allowing the driver enough time to complete their journey so that they do not have to drive aggressively to reach their destination on time will help mitigate the risk of aggressive driving. There are many instances where drivers drive recklessly in order to avoid being late, which can cause mistakes, ultimately leading to road rage. It can be highly beneficial for a company to hire services of a competent risk management company to create a schedule that can facilitate effective planning of routes.

Refrain from Excessive Honking – Drivers must also be discouraged from honking excessively as it may aggravate the other person and lead to road rage. Though a short horn should not be prohibited as it is only intended to be a reminder of your presence to the other driver; honking for longer durations can escalate a normal situation, especially if the other driver has a short temperament.

Accept the mistake – When a person is driving on the road, small mistakes can happen, and sometimes they are inevitable due to various reasons such as poor weather, blind spots, or perhaps the design of the road itself. If a driver commits a mistake such as making a sharp turn or changing the lane improperly, they should not be reluctant to give a friendly wave and apologize. Most likely the other driver will also let the matter go and be on their way if they see someone accepting their mistake.

A risk management company can create a comprehensive plan to mitigate risks pertaining to road rage. This will consequently reduce the probability of such instances from taking place, which will save your company from potential penalties, fines, or even lawsuits which can not only prove to be expensive but also leave a negative mark on your company.

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Road Rage Prevention


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