How to Prevent Falls On Construction Sites

Working in construction can be rewarding but risky. There are many ways that one can get injured while performing such a demanding job, but falling is the leading cause of construction worker fatalities. Out of all work industries in the United States, construction has the most fatal falls.

These are grim facts, but they give us good reason to keep important safety practices in mind. Let’s take a moment to review some tips for preventing falls on construction sites.

Proper Equipment

One of the most important ways to prevent falling accidents is to make sure workers have everything they need to stay safe on the job. Before a project begins, take time to ensure that harnesses, connectors, scaffolding, guardrails, hole covers, ladders, and any other preventative equipment is present and in good shape.

Remember to inspect all equipment–preventative gear is no use if it’s not in good working order. Check for vulnerable openings on platforms and elevated working surfaces, so that they can be addressed with the appropriate equipment.


A good construction employer will provide thorough fall prevention training to their employees. Construction workers should be trained to use safety equipment properly and to recognize a fall hazard when they see one. They should have a good idea of how to address fall hazards safely and effectively. They should know to keep work areas clean and free of clutter.

To achieve the safest job site, train a supervisor or safety professional to conduct daily walk-throughs of the site. They should understand what to look out for to make sure their fellow workers are as safe as possible on a daily basis.

Planning for safety

Addressing fall hazards as they appear is crucial. However, it is also very important to plan ahead for safety before beginning a construction job. Is icy winter weather going to create a slipping hazard? Are all work areas well-lit? Make a checklist of all safety concerns to address before the job begins.

Always be sure to follow the Occupational Health and Safety Administration’s (OHSA’s) standards and your organization’s safety guidelines closely to ensure that you are doing everything you can to keep your workers safe and sound.

Risk management services

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