How to Prevent Back Injuries in the Workplace

Back injury prevention should be a priority in any workplace. You may not even know you have an injury till that dull ache in your back turns excruciating. While 95% recover in a few months, the remaining 5% can develop a severe and disabling condition leading to costly days off and liability.

These conditions are common among healthcare professionals and construction workers, making Illinois construction insurance mandatory.

Top 4 Ways To Prevent Back Injuries in the Workplace

Give your workers back injury prevention training to protect your business from liabilities. Here are some things that it should explore:

1. Correct Your Posture

At the next scheduled training, train your workers to correct their posture by following these steps:

  • Stand with your back against the wall, ensuring your shoulder blades, buttocks, and head are aligned.
  • Make sure your feet are a few inches away from the wall.
  • Place your hand with the palm against the wall by sliding it behind your back. It should rest behind the curve of your lower back.

This exercise will align their posture. If there is too much space between your back and the wall, compress your abdominal muscles. If the space is limited, arch your back. In either case, you will maintain the proper posture.

2. Lift with Your Knees

Lifting heavy objects incorrectly puts immense strain on the back, leading to severe injuries. Prevent that from happening by following these steps:

  • Get as close to the object as possible.
  • Bend your knees slightly and tighten your core.
  • Grab the object and use your leg muscles to support yourself as you stand.
  • Hold the object flush against your body, and don’t twist as you stand.
  • Ask someone for aid if the object is too heavy to lift alone.

3. Modify Repetitive Tasks

Modifying repetitive tasks to prevent strain if you work on an assembly line or in front of your computer all day. For example, ensure your mouse, keyboard, and monitor are positioned to prevent strain on your body.

Alternate demanding tasks with less stressful ones. For instance, avoid unnecessary twisting, bending, or other body contortions and reduce the time spent carrying heavy loads by switching to lifting devices.

4. Exercise Regularly

Regular exercise that works out the whole body is the best way to prevent back injuries and pain. Focus on strength, flexibility, and stability training to strengthen your back muscles and core. This includes leg exercises such as presses, lunges, squats, and other workouts that can make your lower body more robust. Also, exercise back extensor muscles by doing trunk and abdominal exercises.

Most people swear by aerobic exercises for strengthening backs and preventing injuries. You can also run or bike for half an hour daily to improve blood circulation and endurance and reduce recovery time post-workout.

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