How to Conduct a Safety Audit of Your Company

Keeping the workplace safe for every employee is any company’s priority. A safe workplace makes your staff more productive and considerably reduces the risk of occupational hazards. The modern workplace is a hectic buzz of diverse activities among different departments working together. When people from different departments are working and sharing a single workplace, it becomes essential to develop safety guidelines to keep the workplace safe. Here are some basic steps involved in conducting a safety audit for your company. Walk-Through All Segments of the Building.

The safety inspection usually begins with an initial inspection by an experienced professional auditor. The auditor will examine and inspect all the work areas in the building. This type of initial inspection will go a long way in determining the best safety implications for the company. It helps identify areas of improvement in each department.

Inspect the Work Environment

The next thing the auditor inspects is the work environment within the building. It gives the auditor a complete overview of the entire building and the seating arrangement of all employees across various departments. Understanding the overall work environment will help the auditor come up with a comprehensive plan for the safety audit.

List all Work Functions and Activities

After listing all workplace functions and activities, the auditor discusses each task with the immediate supervisor in every single area of the workplace. It helps to get a comprehensive list of all tasks and activities that take place each day. While developing a safety audit plan, the auditor will include a list of all employees with their job roles and the departments. The auditor will look at all areas and identify situations and hazards employees could face.

Determining the Right Tools and Equipment for Employees

An important part of the safety audit is identifying the right tools employees need to do their job. This stage in the safety audit is essential for employees working in manufacturing or engineering companies where each employee needs special equipment to carry out their jobs safely.

Reducing Noise

A safety audit will help improve the ambience of any workplace, particularly working towards reducing unnecessary machinery noise. This stage of the safety audit is quite challenging because the auditor has to locate the source of the noise and take action to fix the problem.

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