How to Avoid Cyber Threats

In this global age of digitalization, where technology is rapidly advancing at an unprecedented rate, businesses face numerous cyber threats ranging from spam and phishing, malware, ransomware to Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks. A minor loophole or lapse in security may lead to loss of millions of dollars and sensitive information. Therefore, it is important to take proactive approach and prepare a strategy to prevent cyber criminals from circumventing your cyber security. Let’s check out some practices to avoid cyber threats.

Strengthen your security system. Maximize your security by devising a comprehensive security plan to mitigate risks pertinent to breach, hack, or any malicious attempt to breach your system. This may include configuration of a firewall, removal of unnecessary programs, operating under lowest privileges settings, and installation of anti-virus and anti-spyware software, to name a few. You can hire an experienced risk management company to create effective policies and to introduce best practices to effectively manage your cyber security.

Use Patches and Data Encryption. Hackers and perpetrators are looking for loopholes and minor anonymities to pave their way in to your system. Thus, you should always keep your system software updated by using patches. This will ensure that your system does not contain vulnerabilities or bugs that can be leveraged by cyber criminals. Moreover, all the information stored in databases and on servers should be encrypted. This will provide protection against hacking attempts made by cyber criminals to steal your sensitive information.

Improve your Physical Security. When hackers are unable to breach your system security online, they may try to swoop their way in by breaching your physical security. For instance, they may attempt to steal your ID card, credit card, or perhaps cellphone to extract information that can be used for illegal purposes. Therefore, there should be control procedures in place to restrict access to authorized personnel only, especially where there are devices that contain confidential or sensitive business data. A risk management company can help you to devise new and improve existing controls to increase your physical security.

Set Strong Passwords. A password is merely a combination of few characters, but using them correctly can keep data worth millions safe and secure. Your password should be a long combination of letters, numbers, and special characters. Moreover, it should be changed on a routine basis for additional security. If your system contains highly sensitive information, then you may consider adding a second layer of security in the form of a fingerprint or retinal scan.

Educate your Employees. It is critical that every employee in the organization understands cyber security threats and how to avoid them. For instance, they must avoid opening suspicious links received on their E-mail, be mindful about phishing scams sent through messages, and stay alert for such kind of malicious attempts to retrieve sensitive data or injecting malware into the systems. Small conducts such as never leaving the system unlocked can potentially save your private and confidential information from cybercriminals.

Consider a Cyber Insurance policy. Though adopting the aforementioned practices will reduce the chances of hackers entering into your system, it is always better to be prudent and have a solid cyber insurance policy in place. This will provide you a shield in case there is a breach of security and will cover your business against losses and costs associated with it. A risk management company can help you protect your financial interests in case of litigation or other losses caused due to a cyber-attack.

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