Hard Hat FAQ

The main reason certain industries and organizations require their workers to wear hard hats on site is to prevent head trauma on the job. Falling objects or even a bump into a fixed object, such as an overhead pipe, can lead to serious head injuries that may even prove fatal. When it comes to using hard hats, the more you know as an employer, the better. Here are some frequently asked questions and answers you may find valuable:

Q: When is a Hard Hat Necessary?

A: According to OSHA directives, a hard hat should be worn by employees working in hazardous conditions where:

  • Objects might fall from above and strike them on the head.
  • They may bump their heads against heavy, fixed objects, such as wooden beams.
  • Their heads may meet electrical wires.

Q: Do Hard Hats Have an Expiration Date?

A: Yes, and the date can be found on the hat. However, that does not mean it should be taken seriously. For instance, if the hard hat was bought close to its expiration date, you will need to get it replaced sooner rather than later. Plus, if it has been exposed to the elements and chemicals on a regular basis, replace it with a new one before its expiration date. Of course, if it is damaged beyond repair (if say something heavy dropped on it), you should replace it immediately.

Q: Can Hard Hats be Worn Backwards?

A: That depends on how it is made and specifically where the suspension attachment points are located. If those are the same from front to back, it can be worn backward without comprising the safety of the wearer. Just make sure the suspension is reversed so the hard hat can be easily reversed.

Q: Can a Hard Hat be Painted Without Getting Damaged?

A: You can ruin a hard hat by painting it. The chemicals in the paint can damage the shell, which will reduce the layer of protection.

While ensuring your workers have hard hats and other PPE available to them at all time is necessary, making sure they are safe from hidden dangers can also help you reduce losses. Get in touch with us at SIA Insurance Group to understand how you can do that. We have years of experience aiding clients of all sizes and delivering custom solutions that have helped them minimize risks and maximize their revenue.

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