Get More from Your Background Check Process

If a candidate looks promising, a simple background check can reveal information, which can make them unsuitable or a liability for your business. That is why it is considered a vital part of the hiring process, provided it is done without violating Illinois laws. Here are some ways you can maximize the information you can get from a background check:

Get an Investigative Report for High Risk Positions

If you are searching for a new CEO or regional manager for a branch office, thoroughly investigating candidates can prevent costly issues in the future. With an investigative report, you can get information about their personal life through acquaintances.

Keep in mind that through the Job Opportunities for Qualified Applicants Act, you will have to share the results of your findings with the candidate under observation – if asked to do so. Additionally, you cannot enquire about their criminal history until they are told about it or have been chosen for an interview. If an interview doesn’t happen, you cannot make inquiries until the candidate allows you to do so with conditions, if necessary. Your employment application forms should not ask about an individual’s criminal history.

Trace Their Social Security Number

The results you can get from this search will reveal if an applicant has applied to other counties besides the one where you are located. If they have not disclosed this information, they may be trying to hide something. This can be anything from fraud charges to a questionable background, which is not in the best interest of your organization.

The line between invasive and necessary background checks can be blurred when you are investigating an applicant. Even if you unintentionally break a law, you may have to pay a hefty fine or suffer a lawsuit. It can also irreparably ruin your business’ reputation.

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