Forklift Safety

Business organizations and companies use a wide range of tools and machinery to handle their stocks. Forklifts are the most common type of machinery used in warehouses and stores due to their agility and size. While using forklifts allows companies to carry out its tasks in a more efficient manner, it also increases the risk of accidents – exposing the company to personal injury lawsuits.

According to a study conducted by OSHA, around 70 percent of accidents in workplaces can be avoided through comprehensive training sessions and implementing essential safety procedures. As the popular adage goes ‘better safe than sorry’, it is wiser to take preemptive precautions rather than reacting to catastrophes.

According to another report, the most common injuries occur due to the overturning of forklifts where workers are crushed, pinned, or fall from forklifts. Insurance providers which deliver comprehensive risk management solutions recommend that companies take proactive action to diminish their liability.

How can businesses ensure forklift safety?

The first and paramount thing to do is to ensure forklift safety by conducting proper training sessions and workshops held by professionally accredited trainers. A small investment in training of the workers handling the forklifts can help companies save considerably more in terms of compensation. Spending a couple of thousand dollars conducting training session can save you from paying millions in lieu of workers’ compensation.

Secondly, regular maintenance of forklifts and their accessories can also reduce the risk of accidents immensely. Complying with work safety regulations can help your company exponentially decrease its liability stemming from forklift accidents. Statically, 42% of the forklift accidents occur due to forklift operators failing to put on their seat belts causing them to be crushed underneath a tipping forklift. By simply following the basic safety rules, a vast majority of forklifts accidents can be avoided.

Developing a comprehensive forklift safety policy

Devising a safety policy and procedure can be quite beneficial for any business organization looking to reduce its liability in the long term. Incorporating basic safety procedures such as making seat belts mandatory and setting speed limits can play an immense role in increasing forklift safety. Hiring an experienced insurance provider can also allow you to develop a tailor-made yet comprehensive risk management solution.

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Forklift Safety


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