Flash Flood Basics: Protecting Your Business

A flash flood can devastate your business in less than six hours. The event is characterized by raging torrents of water that can flood streets and drown several floors of an office building. Even though it alleviates after a few minutes, it leaves devastation in its wake.

Besides excessive rainfall, a flash flood can also occur if a dam fails, from run-off from melting snow, etc. Damages can amount to thousands, if not millions of dollars for a business. But there are some ways you can mitigate these damages.

The Impact of Flash Floods

Besides floodwaters, the debris from a flash flood can cause devastation on a massive scale. Here are some ways it can impact your business:

Serious Injuries or Death

Flash floods are unpredictable and occur so fast that few people or businesses can take safety measures in time. It is little wonder why it can cause severe injuries and prove fatal for people unfortunate enough to be in its path.

Property Damage

You cannot reduce the speed at which a flash flood can go through your office building. These floods also carry large debris such as branches, boulders, machinery, and anything else in its path. Combine these items with the force of the water, and you are looking at immediate large-scale destruction. It can also carry away vehicles and expensive inventory.

Long-Term Damage

Any item or property that is swept away by floodwaters is rarely salvageable. Even after the water recedes, your offices can get mold, which can cause respiratory issues. Your vehicles can sustain irreparable damage. Waterlogged engines and other components are usually discarded since they cannot be fixed.

How you can Protect your Business

If your area is prone to flash floods, due diligence can prevent the damages mentioned above. Here are some things you can do to keep your business afloat:

Check the Weather Forecast Regularly

Use weather apps, the radio, or TV forecasts to keep tabs on conditions and remain alert for any warnings. Ensure your employees are trained and prepared with a plan of action if a flash flood warning is given.

Rearrange Work Areas

If your office space has expensive computer systems, machinery, documents, etc, consider relocating them to higher ground, such as the upper floors. Plus, leave bottom shelves in warehouses empty and move the stock up slightly.

Create Backup Plans

A flash flood can happen in an instant. Businesses with strong off-site storage and work continuity plans fare better than those that don’t. The water and mud can destroy vital parts of your system. Contingency plans that are remotely accessible can ensure you remain in touch with employees, your insurance company, emergency services, and cleaning services for a fast recovery.

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