Don’t Overlook These 5 Fire Hazards

There are numerous ways a fire can start in your workplace. A fire can cause devastating damage – not only to your business, but they also have the potential to harm your employees. Prevention is better than a cure. Some common fire hazards that can level an office complex include the following.

1.     Hot Work

By ‘hot work’ we mean any job involving the use of extremely high temperatures such as welding, cutting, and brazing. Materials and equipment that is not safely stored or powered down correctly can cause a fire often without an employees’ knowledge. This is a common occurrence in work performed outdoors. A few sparks from a welding iron can cause a fire if employees are not trained to take necessary precautions.

2.     Electrical Distribution

Simple carelessness can overload outlets and even extension cords that are used incorrectly, causing electrical fires. If the fire manifests in a warehouse or store, you can end up losing all your expensive inventory and worse, employees in the blaze.

3.     Watering Plants Near A Computer

Most office plants are watered and maintained by outside agencies who may not be as careful around office inventory as your employees would be. When watering plants, these outside agencies may not be as careful and allow water to run or drip onto expensive computers and workstations. The correct way to water is through a spray, which should be used far from electrical outlets and equipment, otherwise water can cause an electrical fire.

4.     Incorrect Fire Extinguishers

Fire extinguishers have expiration dates. They also need to be serviced on a yearly basis and refilled – even if they aren’t used. Failure to do so can cause serious damage as you will be able to put out fires in a timely fashion. A faulty fire extinguisher can also exacerbate a fire.

5.     Overflowing Waste Containers

Leaving industrial waste containers open to the elements or using the wrong type for storage can cause chemical fires. Flammable vapors from oily or greasy rags can quickly ignite – even without a flame. Leaving a lid cracked open can cause more damage by allowing in oxygen, which can lead to a fire.

This list is far from an exhaustive list and ensuring you have appropriate insurance and a risk plan in place can help you avoid a lot of hassle and financial losses. SIA Insurance Group takes a proactive approach to insurance and we will work with you to come up with a tailored plan that can meet your specific needs.

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