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Smart Phone Use and Distracted Driving

More than 800,000 vehicles are driven on U.S. roads during the day by drivers using smartphones. We aren’t just talking about calls here. Reading or sending a text takes five seconds, but it also takes your e...

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Ways to Keep Workers Cool in the Summer Heat

The summer months can be brutal for employees who work outside, under the scorching sun, such as construction workers. Ensuring they remain cool and comfortable during those difficult months is essential for th...

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Improving Cybersecurity for Your Business

Sixty percent of businesses that are victims of cyber-attacks go out of business within six (6) months. If you are ignoring your company’s cybersecurity, you are exposing it to potential ruin. From confidenti...

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Roof Maintenance FAQ and Checklist

Many homeowners will add a once-a-year reminder on their calendars for roof maintenance, while others are simply squeamish about heights, so the job never goes through their minds. As a result, their properties...

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