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Your First Step to Be Compliant with the SB 75 Workplace Transparency Act in Illinois

Effective January 1, 2020, the new SB 75 Workplace Transparency Act changed how discrimination issues and harassment complaints are handled in Illinois. This initial article explains components of this new bill...

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Get More from Your Background Check Process

If a candidate looks promising, a simple background check can reveal information, which can make them unsuitable or a liability for your business. That is why it is considered a vital part of the hiring process...

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Winter Weather: 8 Tips to Prep Your Employees

Winter storms are inconvenient for most people, but these storms can prove catastrophic for businesses - especially small ones. With sub-zero temperatures wreaking havoc on employees’ physical and mental stat...

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Job Hazard Analysis: A Step-By-Step Guide

The best way to ensure your employees remain safe from injuries on the job is by conducting a Job Hazard Analysis (JHA). While these can prevent catastrophe, creating one can be a challenge. Here are the basic ...

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