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Importance of an Employee Handbook for an Organization

Devising an employee handbook may seem like a boring, daunting, and in some cases, an unnecessary task to many companies, however, having one curated can provide a multitude of benefits to an organization. ...

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Parking Lot and Sidewalk Audits

Though it may seem trivial to many organizations, conducting parking lot and sidewalk audits can prove to be invaluable, potentially saving them hundreds of dollars by preventing incidents that could have happe...

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Advantages of Pre-Work Screenings

Applicant pre-work screenings have become a norm in modern business environments, with majority of businesses using background screening processes when recruiting candidates in their workforce. As per stats ava...

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Preventing Backover Accidents

Backover accidents are among one of the most common hazards related to workplace safety. They refer to an instance when an individual is hit by a moving vehicle that is backing up. An individual may either be s...

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