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Arc Flash Q & A

OSHA means business when it comes to ensuring organizations pay the price for violating safety violations - and this includes arc-flashing incidents. Arc-flashes can cause third-degree burns that may be impossi...

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Ensuring Your Organization Is Defended Against the Coronavirus and Influenza

With flu season in full gear, now is the time to revisit company policies on dealing with infectious diseases such as the coronavirus and influenza. There are not enough available vaccines to cover some of the ...

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10 Ways to Improve Ladder Safety in Your Workplace

According to the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons, nearly 500,000 individuals get treated for ladder-related injuries every year. Most of them are workers who either did not follow safety regulations or ...

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Exposure: A Surprising Factor in Hearing Loss

Exposure to certain toxic chemicals can irreparably damage your hearing. A combination of loud noises and ototoxic chemicals could cause hearing and balance loss. Even if workers are exposed to recommended leve...

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