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Training on Violence in the Workplace

Workplace violence can be defined as any act of harassment, threat, physical harm, or threating behavior that can happen at a workplace. These may include physical assault, verbal abuse, or in extreme cases - h...

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Strategies for Improving Job Site Ergonomics

It is important for employers to take workplace safety seriously and provide employees with an environment that helps reduce the risks of short-term and long-term injuries. Importance should be given on ways to...

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Protecting Your Facility from Power Surges

Almost all businesses rely on electronic equipment and computers to execute everyday tasks. Because many of our digital resources come at enormous capital expenditure, damage to electrical circuits and a surge ...

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Ways to Beat the Heat

In recent years, we have seen record high temperatures and as predicted - the heat and temperatures may keep rising. Individuals working in the construction or manufacturing sector, restaurants, or those workin...

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