Before Potential ICE Visits, Conduct Your Own Self-Audits

In recent months, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has increased raids and audits to detain and deport illegal immigrants or those working with forged papers. In many cases, illegal detection and immigration raids have been against local norms and caused severe pain and suffering for parents and families who have increasingly complained about parents, disrupting their lives and dreams. To ensure citizens in Illinois continue to live with peace of mind, and pursue their legal options to receive proper immigration as per laws, many bills have been passed to not just stop illegal arrest, but also put an end to private immigration detention centers.

The three most important bills passed include House Bill 2040 (banning private detention centers), and House Bill 2691 (known as the rising), and House Bill 1637 (barring ICE cooperation). However, it is still important to ensure that immigrants, as part of businesses or in individual capacity, conduct an I-9 Self-Audit. Not only can it help correct and fill in missing information, but it also reduces the risk of detention and arrests.

Understanding an I-9 Self Audit

For all employers, self-audit of an I-9 form before potential ICE visits can reduce legal burden and provide a safety net to employers. Irrespective, experienced business risk management professionals can be consulted to ensure a smooth self-audit and reduce risk of ICE visits.

  • Help identify missing fields or inaccurate details,
  • Even if an employee has left the workplace in the past 3 years, it is important to self-audit their I-9 forms for inconsistencies or irregularities. If an employee can’t be reached, corrections should be included in the form. Employers should refrain from discarding past employee information, or throw away important documents,
  • Corrections to Section 2 and 3 can be made with a signed initial with dates,
  • Self-audit of all I-9 forms can reduce the risk of discrimination,
  • Self-audits can help revivify past information.

ICE usually sends a Notice of Inspection (NOI) three days before their visit. Employers should ensure all the forms are stored in a single place, there are copies made for past record and all corrections are accurately dated. There may also be instances when there are many errors in an I-9 form that needs correction. Such forms are prohibited and a new I-9 should be filled and the original form should be attached for reference.

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