Be Alert About Workplace Fatigue

If you have a high turnover rate or your employees aren’t motivated, chances are that they are suffering from workplace fatigue. It’s not just tiredness you have to worry about. Persistent fatigue can increase absenteeism, increase the rate of accidents and injuries and reduce productivity overall. The issue is chronic in the US – as per statistics, 69% of workers suffer from occupational fatigue on a daily basis.

How to Tell If Your Employees Are Fatigued

The condition can be subtle, so you must examine your employees carefully to determine if they are suffering from it or not. Here are some common signs you should watch out for”

Sleepiness and Weariness

Heavy eyelids, heads dropping on desks and incessant yawning are all signs of fatigue. At this point, your workers need time to recover before they cause an accident or hurt themselves.

Irritable Attitude

Your employees can feel angst because of financial stress, issues at home, conflict with team members, but they can also get irritable if they are not getting enough rest or are overloaded with work. Watch for these patterns and take special note of violent behavior.

Reduction in Memory and Concentration

If your workers have trouble remembering certain things or cannot seem to focus on their work when it was not an issue before, check their workload. Chances are that they are tired and cannot get enough rest recharge for the next day.

What Employers Can Do

Prevention is better than cure in this case. A workforce that is constantly fatigued can cause massive losses. Prevent that from happening by following these tips:

Tweak Schedules

Employees who take up night shifts frequently or longer hours are more at risk. Prevent that from happening by optimizing schedules by:

  • Allowing frequent breaks.
  • Avoiding assigning permanent or frequent night shifts if possible.
  • Allow employees to voice their opinions regarding their schedules and take them into account.
  • Allow sufficient time for night shift employees to recover between shifts.

Allow Napping Where Appropriate

Sleeping on the job is not ideal, but if your hardworking employees keep nodding off, your business will ultimately suffer. Allowing frequent naps in the break room between shifts can prevent this from happening and ensure they remain injury free. A short power nap can recharge their batteries and help them focus and remain productive at work.

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Workplace Fatigue


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