Advantages of Pre-Work Screenings

Applicant pre-work screenings have become a norm in modern business environments, with majority of businesses using background screening processes when recruiting candidates in their workforce. As per stats available on AMOF website, 39 percent of total background checks have at least one red flag.

Small companies may use background screening agencies, while big enterprises devise a comprehensive pre-work screening process by acquiring services of a reputable risk management company. Let’s discuss some of the key advantages of pre-work screenings for a business.

Improved Talent Acquisition

Talent acquisition is one of the most critical yet important tasks for an organization. Finding qualified and suitable candidates, who provide accurate information about their background can be extremely difficult. Pre-screening of applicants not only provides comprehensive insights pertaining to their qualification and experience but also allows a company to learn more about their background.

Improved Safety and Security

Pre-Work Screenings are also tremendously helpful in reducing the likelihood of potential workplace violence by eliminating applicants that may pose a threat to other employees, staff, or the company itself. A background check may reveal important information related to their behavioral aspects that may endanger the workplace environment in the future. For instance, their previous manager or co-worker may reveal that they have anger management issues, or perhaps a history of violence, harassment, emotional abuse, or stalking.

Compliance with Regulatory Laws

Pre-Work Screenings constitutes as best practices in many industries, hence it may also help companies to satisfy industry standards. Moreover, background checks may also be necessary under many state and federal regulations applicable to a company, which may vary from one state to another. In these cases, a company which is not complying with background screening process may face risks of legal issues such as fines, and penalties, amongst others. Thus, devising an effective background screening plan by acquiring services of an experienced risk management company is in a company’s best interest.

Decreased Risks of Negligent Hiring

During the interview of an employee, there is an inherent risk of negligent hiring, which may open your company up to a potential lawsuit in cases where there are any inappropriate or illegal action caused by that employee. There are many instances where companies were held liable because they showed negligence during background checks of candidates. Therefore, appropriate pre-work screenings may help companies shield themselves against a lawsuit, which may not only save them thousands of dollars but keep their reputation intact as well.

Improved Employee Turnover Rate

A company who conducts background screenings will evidently hire better employees who do not only possess workplace skills but also have a clean background and compatibility with the job. Hence, it will reduce the likelihood of unwanted turnover. Therefore, if you have a company and you are looking to hire employees for your operations, it can be highly advantageous for your business to procure services of a competent risk management company to design an effective background screening process.

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Pre-Work Screening


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