A Guide for Hiring Safe Drivers

Company or commercial drivers can make or break your business reputation with their driving skills, so it pays to hire safe drivers. Even seasoned drivers can make mistakes that can ruin you. Besides investing in good commercial insurance to cover potential damages, you should establish hiring protocols that ensure they get drivers who drive safely.

How to Ensure You Hire Safe Drivers

Whether you want to hire truck drivers or drivers for your rent-a-car business, you can ensure you get safe ones on the road by following this guide:

Make Candidates Take a Driving Test

Just because a commercial driver has exceptional skills and years of experience doesn’t mean they are efficient behind the wheel. A driving test is one of the best ways to determine if they included fact rather than fiction on their resumes.

The test doesn’t have to be extensive. It should cover specific scenarios that any driver may run into during a standard route. You can assess their skills from the passenger seat or ask a trusted employee to do it for you. Also, quiz them on their knowledge of emergency procedures, safety precautions, and vehicle operation.

Check MVRs

Motor vehicle records (MVRs) demonstrate the skills of a commercial driver. It is a history of their time behind the wheel recorded by the state. They can tell you whether candidates are the right fit for your fleet or business. Ensure each one comes with these records for the interview or driving test.

Hire drivers who have a minimum of three or a maximum of five years of driving in their MVR. An experienced driver dedicated to his/her career has fewer chances of getting into accidents or driving irresponsibly. The records will also reveal accident info and violations so you can make an informed decision.

Insist On Driving Safety

Whether you get seasoned drivers or novices as candidates for a driving position at your company, establish the importance of safe driving.

It should be made clear right from the interview stage. Insist that it is one of the core responsibilities of a driver and that they have to provide the documents mentioned above or records to be considered for the position. Also, let them know that the information they provide can be validated.

Drivers who have taken a defensive driving course should be prioritized. Road conditions and other drivers can be unpredictable. Commercial drivers who can regain control of a truck before it is too late are worth their weight in gold. Ask them questions about their training. Whatever answers they provide can give you valuable insight into their work ethic and whether they prioritize safety or not.

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