5 Ways to Keep Power Tools Working For Years

You know the drill – well-maintained power tools are safer and less likely to cause severe accidents in a Woodridge workplace. A frayed power cord may not seem serious, but it can cause a deadly electric shock. Plus, neglected tools break down faster and more quickly than those maintained regularly. Accidents are more common than you think.

Top 5 Ways to Keep Power Tools Functional For Years

Here are some of the best ways you can ensure your power tools remain functional for years and don’t cause accidents:

  1. Cool Down Power Tools after Use before Storing Them

When you overwork a power tool such as a drill, you stress out the motor, which can eventually overheat. This is common when working through challenging materials such as hardwood or concrete. Stop it from overheating by giving it a break frequently. The time will allow it to cool down and prevent the motor and parts from burning out.

  1. Clean Them Regularly

Each tool should be cleaned before it is placed back into storage at the end of each shift. First, allow the tools to cool down, and use a dry rag to wipe the casing free of dirt, dust, and other particles. Use compressed air for the best cleaning job and clean the exhaust vents using it. A brush will only push dirt inside the ducts further, which can cause more damage.

  1. Keep Power Tools Lubricated At All Times

Make sure that you lubricate all of the parts of the moving parts of each power tool to ensure they remain in top form. The tool maintenance section of the owner’s manual will have this information along with which brand you should use. The lube will prevent the parts from chaffing, eroding, and heating up.

  1. Take Care of the Cords

Cords are often neglected, but negligence can cost you a power tool with time. Check these for loose connections, cracks, and worn spots. Make sure that all of the cords are unplugged when they are not in use. Here are some tips that can help:

  • Do not yank the cords out. Unplug them gently.
  • Do not lift the power tool by the cord.
  • Protect the power tool from heat and sharp objects.
  • Keep cords secure to prevent accidents.
  1. Keep Grounding Prongs Intact

Most portable power tools are double insulated or have grounding prongs that prevent electrocution. If your tools have the latter, keep the third prong intact and ensure the tool is plugged into a grounded outlet each time. Plus, check the plug before using it to ensure no live wires are exposed. Negligence can lead to fatal electrocutions.

Important note: Ensure all power tools are stored in a clean and dry place after they cool down and are cleaned. A moist storage facility can cause irreparable damage to the electrical components. Plus, store these in a case or a cabinet to be safe.

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